Presents the "Spectacle of Gladiators". A display of stage combat that is historically influenced. The exhibition includes trained actors in Gladiator themed costume and armor using "safe practice" weapons while reenacting variations of combat that existed within Roman Coliseums of the past.



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Some of the first gladiators had been prisoners-of-war, and so some of the first types of gladiators used their native weapons and armor. Different gladiators specialized in different weapons, and it was usual to pair off combatants with widely different, but more or less equivalent, equipment.

Thracian - a gladiator with head chest and body coverings he carried a small shield and a scitmar (sword).
Dimachaeri- This gladiator fought with two swords.
Myrmillo- This gladiator had a distinctive fish crest on his head.
Essedari- These gladiator fought on chariots
Laquaerri- This gladiator fought with a lasso and small body armor.
Andabates- This was an unusual gladiator. He had full body armor and a full visor which prevented sight, his only weakness was his joints.
Velites- This gladiator had a spear with a thong attached so he could retrieve it after a throw.
Equites- This gladiator fought with a lance. He rode on a horse. He had leg coverings.
Retairius- This gladiator fought with a net and a trident (three pronged spear)
Hoplomachus- This gladiator had a sword and a large shield which made up for his lack of body armor.
Sectur- This gladiator fought with a rectangular shield and a short sword.    He had a leather covering on his left arm and a metal covering
on his right Leg
 Sagitarii – Fought with Bow and Arrow
 Cataphractarius Gladiators – Fought on Horse with Lance and Shield and represented their Country
 Bestiarii  - Fought wild Animals including, Bears, Lions and Crocodiles.
Gladiatrice – Woman Gladiators. Usually Amazons, slave girls and even wealthy women of Rome participated for sport.

  • fascina: harpoon
  • galea: visored helmet
  • galerus: metal shoulder piece
  • gladius: sword
  • hasta: lance
  • iaculum: net
  • manicae: leather elbow or wrist bands
  • ocrea: metal or boiled leather greave
  • parma: round shield
  • scutum: large oblong shield
  • sica: curved scimitar
  • subligaculum: loin cloth
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