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This book includes a number of plays from various writers as well as (5) short plays by Cynthia Morrison:

1) PEPPER PRECINCT (Award Winning ) - A Police Captain gets caught in a trap when he attempts un-welcome sexual advances towards an Officer

2) OBJECT OF DESIRE - A Baltimore Attorney seeks affections with his secretary who happens to be in love with an stationary political figure.

3) THE RUSTY ANCHOR - Two Pirates discuss the sale of a treasure Map.

4) STEAM - An elder woman shares her rebellious attitude towards a member of a religious group. The situation takes a turn when she experiencesdivine intervention.

5) CANE AND VERY ABLE - Two retired ladies enjoy a game of cards while enduring their pesky neighbor (male) who insists on keeping their attentions until one of them courageously takes matters in hand. 


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winner of the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award 2017