In the year of 2000  I was honored with the "Ambassador Award" by an organization in the U.K.

recognizing me for my efforts in the Highland Games during 1994.

When they phoned me the director said  "You'll be in line with David Prowse".    "Oh" I said.  

(Director) "You do know who he is"     "No sorry" I said.

"Darth Vader of Star Wars"  he said.  "ok That's cool". Then my nephew, who is a big fan of Darth told me that I was not allowed back into the USA unless I had gotten a signed photo from him. Well, that I did. Mr. Prowse was a very nice gentleman and gave me a huge hug and kiss after my speech. (The rest of the story below the Pics)

The Black Lady that I am pictured with in the Mag is one of the Charioteers in the Movie GLADIATOR

BELOW: AWARDS Program Cover

Well that day I became a Darth Vader fan too  :)  But what I recently learned is, back in the 70's he was also in a feature film as the Frankenstein Monster! Now THAT is cool!!  Long live David Prowse... and may the force be with you!